Thursday, December 22, 2011

Rodarte in Museum.

Good evening, my fashionistas!
Holidays are quickly approaching, but the world of capital-F Fashion never stops spinning, surprising us every day with newest, hottest, latest...
For years now I've been tremendously obsessed with Rodarte brand, as their innovation in textiles and modernism in silhouettes stirred my deepest creative emotions and inspired into birth of my own clothing pieces.
I just found out (and thought I should immediately share it with you all :)) Rodarte is showing their Fra Angelico Collection  in Los Angeles LACMA museum, "featuring a group of extraordinary gowns. The collection is inspired by Italian art, specifically the Renaissance frescoes in the monastery of San Marco by Fra Angelico in Florence, Italy, as well as the Baroque sculpture. Rodarte’s signature dressmaking techniques and sculptural details can be seen in each of the gowns. They are customized utilizing a variety of materials such as feathers, SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS, sequins, and custom-made silk flowers. Hand-forged gold metallic accessories such as a headpiece, breastplate, and belts dramatically complete the look of several key gowns."

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Skinny Moonstick said...

Oh, wow, I haven't seen anything like this! The dressed do have that Renaissance and Baroque feel to them! It's amazing what can be designed and created, I am smitten by these outstanding works! I especially like the blue and green toned ones!
Good luck!

Anonymous said...

Воозникают образы бабочек или некоих мотыльков.Хотя материалы и не сочетаемые,а результат потрясающий! Это и есть настоящее искусство, достойное музея моды.

Anonymous said...

Wow just wow!! These are very gorgous dresses :) I especially love themetallic gold, the pink anf the sea/mint green dresses!! They are absolutly gorgous :) All these dresses have a unique design pattern. Very beautiful!!

Zara <3

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