Thursday, December 29, 2011

Christmas, Elves and Trains

Good evening, loves!
As you might notice, the last couple of weeks I've been dedicating a series of posts to holidays, that special season we all have been anticipating. Today I'm continuing covering holiday inspired events in the city.
So, gifts have been unwrapped, dinner tables cleaned and now is a perfect time for some outside inspiration. Sunny but crispy cool day was perfect for a trip.So, here's what I did on the day after Christmas.
The United States Botanic Garden in Washington is one of the oldest botanic gardens in North America. The Garden informs visitors about the importance and fundamental value of plants, and highlights the diversity of plants worldwide, as well as their aesthetic, cultural, economic, therapeutic and ecological significance.
This holiday season the famous Garden Railway Exhibit features eight model trains and imaginative buildings created with twigs, leaves and anything else plant-related. This year’s exhibit challenges you to find out “Who Lives Here?”. Dwellings vary from Presidential homes to magical fairy condos and many you’ve never before seen or imagined.

U.S.Capitol in its "natural state"

U.S. Capitol detail. See the leafy rooftop??

Giant Poinsettias

Flying Fairys

Mermaid Manor

Fairy Flat

Magical Cave Apartment

Castles and Balloons

Train Ride

Famous Home

The Smithsonian Castle

Living Ornaments
Partial text from here. All images taken by DC2NYConfessions.


Skinny Moonstick said...

This is so sweet! The botanical gardens are a true treasure. I love the Magical Cave Apartment, it's so cute! And the living ornaments are just wonderful- that's something I should make since I kind of practice a green living :)
Thank you so much sharing this one!
Good luck!

Anonymous said...

Необыкновенно красивые композиции и даже трудно себе представить,что все это сделано из сучков и листьев!

- KG said...

When I was little I believed in fairies and would build houses for them in our back yard and then make furniture and other things out of random items. I love this, and your blog as a whole! I'm now following it it!


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