Monday, April 30, 2012

Fabric Project No.3 "Dreamy Butterflies"

Hey, loves!
I have another Fabric Project on the way, this time I gotta be FAST!
This week I'm heading to the beach to celebrate my version of Spring Break, so I'm in desperate need of a swimwear cover-up. I've been looking at stores for a nice silky robe or caftan, but honestly, couldn't find the right match for my style. Not surprisingly, caftans are expensive due to heavy use of yardage, especially if it's natural silk or chiffon.
 So, I'm making it! And I only have two days!!
I found a gorgeous piece of European chiffon with floral/butterfly motif in my studio's drawers. I've been eyeing it for a while now, but couldn't come up with the right plan. Now is the time for it to shine!
I'll be making Diane von Furstenberg inspired caftan for that special beach getaway.

Here's the inspiration:
Diane von Furstenberg chiffon caftan $375 via Net-a-Porter 

And here's my version:

I'll be showing you my finished caftan sometime this week, so stay tuned.
To be Continued...
Second image by DC2NYConfessions

Sunday, April 29, 2012

Sunday Designer Review. Alexander Terekhov

Hey, friends!
Hope you all had a fantastic weekend. 
I'm totally loving F/W 2012 collection by another amazing Russian designer Alexander Terekhov. 
The oriental theme  of blooming bamboos and bright palette mixed with neutrals has stirred my deepest emotions. Fluid silhouettes accentuate feminine beauty and free spirit, while floral prints collectively express romanticism. 

Images via here

Friday, April 27, 2012

Look of the Day. Sunset Stripe

Happy Friday, friends!
I celebrate the end of a work week with another completed Fabric Project and my very own inspired Elizabeth and James dress
Remember I posted about Fabric Project "Sunset Stripe"??
My day has started with a lovely walk around lush greenery of my garden and I dressed up for a night out in the capital. 
 The project was somewhat challenging as the stretch jersey can be tough to work with, and sewing at times drove me crazy as I was afraid to overstretch the fabric. I'm so relieved the end result turned out close to my expectations. My favorite part of the dress is the draped chiffon piece attached on the side, which makes me feel like a fire-bird with its fluidity and brightness.
Hope you enjoyed this project, and stay tuned for more!

 Dress:Designed and Sewn by me|Shoes:Betsey Johnson|Necklace:Vintage|Belt,Watch,Purse:Michael Kors|Ring:Vintage
All images DC2NYConfessions

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

DIY Erickson Beamon Inspired Collar Necklace

Recently I started noticing many collar necklaces around the web and street-style among New York City fashionistas and beyond. The new trend is picking up speed really fast, so let's stay connected with current fashion accessories.
Tonight I'll show you a simple tutorial how to make a statement collar necklace for yourself inspired by Erickson Beamon's version. Of course, I added my own little twist to the design.

Erickson Beamon collar necklace $2430 via Moda Operandi

You will need:
1. Cotton Collar (cut off from an unwanted shirt; in your favorite color)
2. 2 packages of beads (I used tube and pearl-like type) similar here
3. Bobbin of regular sewing thread
4. Beading Needle
5. Scissors
Also, you will need a "fancy" button, something like a rhinestone or crystal button.

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Sunday Designer Review. A La Russe

I'm obsessing over Fall/Winter 2012-13 A La Russe collection called "Luck Hunting".
The main character is a symbol of femininity, sensuality, wisdom and power. A female huntress conquering happiness, luck and beauty and graciously sharing her trophies with the world. Powers of nature are involved in her hunting, hence the earth tones visible throughout the collection. Occasional splashes of color suggest strength, grip and captivating authority. Simplicity mysteriously draped into complex garments reflect undeniable romanticism and femininity. 

Images via here 
Editing DC2NYConfessions

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Boutiques on Wheels

While browsing through a fashion magazine, I came across an interesting article. 
"Boutiques on Wheels" it was called.
  Are you familiar with the food-truck craze that took over USA and possibly beyond? Guess what, fashion peddlers are now following suit, offering unique collections curated with a very specific point of view--on a street corner near you.

image via here

Le Fashion truck based in Los Angeles, CA is the 1st  boutique on wheels. It features amazing vintage jewelry in addition to showcasing local designers.Two friends started this innovative concept after trying to sell their own designs on craft shows and farmer's markets. Now they have a fashion truck which travels to your street corner and opens up a walk-in dream closet on wheels. 

image via here
The Styleliner based in Palm Springs, CA--a mobile shopping destination that's worth keeping on your radar. Joey Wolffer, the creative mind behind the idea of a pop up boutique on wheels by refurbishing a twenty-foot potato chip truck and filling it to the brim with extraordinary accessories. This unique mobile shopping experience offers global finds that Joey personally discovers and hand picks throughout her world travels. And yay, it will hit DC in May/June 2012. I surely will attend.
Could Fashion trucks become the next big shopping trend??
What do you think of the idea?
partial text via 

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Fabric Project No.2 "Sunset Stripe"

Hey, friends!
As the weather is finally warming up, I've been watching incredibly colorful sunsets in my area especially when I take a walk outside. So, this week's fabric project has been directly inspired by these splashes of brightness and playful color spectrum. As you remember from my previous "Spring Fabric Haul" post, I have a striped matte jersey cloth among my finds. I knew immediately it would be my next piece to grab n sew. 
I found an Elizabeth and James dress on which resembled my vision, and I tweaked the design a little by adding red chiffon to the side of a dress to add (a tiny bit) drama...
So, I will be sewing like a Project Runway apprentice to make this fabric challenge into a dress.

Here's the inspiration:
Elizabeth and James dress $365 via

To Be Continued...
Illustration and Editing by DC2NYConfessions

Congratulations to Jesica, the winner of Neon Cuff Bracelet giveaway

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Look of the Day. Home Sweet Home!

Blouse:designed and sewn by me| Skirt: Jones New York (old)| Sandals:Coach| Necklace,Bracelets:DIY, vintage| Ring:Swarowski 
Hey, friends!
I hope you had a blast of a weekend, and I enjoyed this Sunday finally at home...
I was out of my home for almost two weeks, covering three cities across the country and jumping from plane to plane trying to catch a breath. Today was my first "back home" day, where I could smell the sweet air of blooms and hear the birds chirping in the back yard..The abundant smell of so delightful and happy!
I was invited to a dinner and dressing up was really the last thing on my mind. After some closet sifting, I found a red blouse I had made last year. It is a very special piece that I made during my work at a famous design house in New York and inspired by the brand. Its relaxed silhouette perfectly fit the mood. A positive instinct followed. And whoa-la, the leisurely Sunday outfit is in front of you.
How does your mood affect your dressing?
Neon Cuff Bracelet winner will be announced tomorrow! 
Stay tuned!!

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Sin City Window Shopping

Louis Vitton/ Miu Miu
Dolce&Gabbana/Roberto Cavalli
Yigal Azrouel/BCBG
Nanette Lepore/Miu Miu
My adventure in Sin City continues...As I step into the luxury kingdom with more Chanel stores per square mile than anywhere in the world, my heart is pounding in excitement. Window shopping is an adventure on its own, where exploration is endless and uplifting (for the spirit) not the wallets. These mannequins stare at me in bedazzlement, and wondering when their dress will fall into the tote of a new owner so that they could change the outfit. Silent beauty is visually grabbing my eyes and holding me tight until I move to the next window...
All images DC2NYConfessions
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Monday, April 9, 2012

Look of the Day. Cactus & Coral

Jumpsuit:designed and sewn by me| Shoes:BCBG| Belt and Watch:Michael Kors| Bracelets: H&M| Frames: D&G| Earrings: Cara Couture  
Hi, friends!
Hope you're having a fantastic Monday!
Remember the Spring Fabric Haul and the Fabric Project posts? 
Finally, after painstaking hours of cutting fabric and sewing until late night hours this jumpsuit/romper is finally ready. I must admit it was challenging, but who said challenges can't be fun and rewarding? The reward was to find myself in an exotic place like the Cactus Garden. It's very comfortable to wear especially in such steamy hot desert setting. Evergreen monstrous prickly giants were the silent observers of the camera while I carefully posed not to disturb the natural habitat. 
There are more fun outfits to be made from the Fabric Haul so stay tuned for more.
All images DC2NYConfessions

Friday, April 6, 2012

Sin City Confessions


Happy Friday,friends!
This week DC2NYConfessions hit Sin City, the world's premier venue for entertainment and indulgences of all sorts. The themed resorts stun with their spectacular decorations. One of the resorts is adorned with fresh flowers, green ponds and giant butterflies to reflect a magical garden theme. Colossal waterfalls and spiraling branches of twine crawling along the wall offer a rainforest oasis within hot desert surroundings of the area. Window shopping in itself is an adventure!
Would you guess where I am??
All images DC2NYConfessions

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