Friday, November 1, 2013

Spain. Travel Diaries.

The silence on this blog has been finally broken. After months of hard work and barely seeing any computer, the urge of writing and blogging has returned.
 I flew across the ocean to Spain, with a meager knowledge about the land, and ambitious itinerary in hand. I feel proud to have crossed Spain from north to south, but today I'm only focusing on the first city I've visited, Barcelona. It's the city where traditional is fused into modern, or vice versa, where you can find some of the most outrageous architecture in the world, thanks to Antonio Gaudi, and the list goes on.
My first day was in the midst of city's festivities celebrating a local patron saint, and building human towers has been a lifelong tradition among Spaniards. City squares were full of tourists, hungry for unique experiences just like myself.

Barcelonetta, a local Barcelona beachfront, boasts a modern edge sculpture along  the walkway.

A city view from the church of the Sacred Family (Sagrada Familia) is truly stunning.

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