Tuesday, September 16, 2014

DIY Fringed Clutch

Hasn't fringe taken over fashion world lately??
Fringe has been an accessory of choice of many designers for Fall 2014 season, and going strong for Spring 2015. Few days ago I was window shopping online, when I came across many gorgeous fringed clutches, but the one in black particularly caught my attention. Black is a must-have for Fall season, and I knew I can create my very own design without sacrificing my wallet. Also, I dug out an old "plain jane" clutch in the closet, and I thought, "I must do something with it and give it another chance in life!" So, now I can sport this  proudly made Fringed Clutch, hooray!

The inspiration via here

    You will need:
    1. 10" long fringe
    2. Tacky Glue
    3. A simple clutch (similar here)
    4. 1" Satin Ribbon (similar here)
    5. Tailor's scissors
    6. Glue gun, needle and thread, matchsticks, lighter

    Step 1: Start with creating a ribbon pattern which will be applied on the clutch. Cut small pieces of     ribbon and start gluing from the center. Dab a little glue and use matchsticks to even it out on             surface.

    Step 2. Continue gluing ribbon in a desired pattern overlapping edges. I only glued ribbon on one       side.

     Step 3. Make sure you seal the top edges with a lighter to prevent unraveling.

    Step 4. Once you finished one side, let dry for 30 minutes and then continue to the other side. Let       dry for another 30 minutes.

Thursday, September 4, 2014

Sexy Back

When I was shopping for my bridal gown a few months ago, I came across Galia Lahav  couture bridal and eveningwear house. I instantly fell in love with these stunning gowns! Based in Tel Aviv, Israel, this house amazes me with its dazzling creations, accenting special focus on "Sexy Back". The delicate embroidery, dramatic trains and fine beaded details offer an instant show-stopper factor for every bride. The head designer, Galia, comes from Russia, so no wonder it produces the most sophisticated talent.

Images via here
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