Wednesday, November 30, 2011

DIY Bib Necklace

Good evening, my style-savvy readers!
Tonight I'm especially excited as it's my very first DIY day for this blog!!
Frankly, I've been addicted to DIY for a while now, taking in account my creativity and crafty nature. So, making something myself always makes that item extra special!
And I'll tell you my little secret that I'm totally obsessed with statement jewelry. It's like wearing a piece of art!
So, I recently discovered this piece by Joomi Lim, and I immediately rolled my sleeves for some exciting work!
Original Joomi Lim Fringe Necklace $408
 Now, here's my input into an inspired piece.
You will need:
1. 2 pieces of contrast fringe, different length (about 3/8 of yard)
2.Ribbon 1/2" width (matching or contrast)
3.Several bead strings (I used 3 different, very sparkly resembling Swarowski)
5.Jewelry maker's stretching clear plastic cord
6.Glue Gun.

 Step 1. Attach two pieces of fringe at the edge with hot glue.

 Step 2. Cut two pieces of ribbon (about 1 ft long).  Attach to each side of  fringe using glue gun. Make sure it's secured properly. See photo.

 Step 3. Now, start attaching the first string of beads to the top edge using stretching jewelry cord, and tie knots at the back. Clip the excess. To make sure beads lay in the desired direction, you can secure strings with regular thread and needle.

 Step 4. Then repeat Step 3. with the rest of strings until they all lay nice and flat. Now, tie your bib and your very own piece is ready to wear!!
 Step 5. Make sure to wear your piece with pride and smile, and stay tuned for more exciting projects!

What do you think? I hope I inspired some of you into handmade culture and unique attitude!!
This DIY project was produced  in its entirety by DC2NYConfessions and all photos were taken by DC2NYConfessions as well.

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Victoria's Secret Rocking it Again!

Good evening, my precious readers!
Tonight was a special night for me in anticipation of a wow-moment on my TV-screen, and that was Victoria's Secret Annual fashion Show! Well, I almost missed it and just by chance heard the announcement on the radio this morning, so it was meant to be, and I was beyond EXCITED!!!. Even though I saw slight glimpses of the show on some other blogs, I wanted to see it on my HD big screen!(Of course, seeing it LIVE would be better, so I should call Adriana Lima for next year's advance tickets LOL)
This year they really made it dramatic!! Lots of glitz and sparkle, and outrageous shapes totally kept my mouth open and eyes wide the whole hour, so now my face hurts :))
So, here are my favorites, even though it was very hard to pick as all of the ensembles blew me away!
What do you think? And how about that 1.5 million dollar diamond bra? 
Here goes the 1.5 Million dollar diamond bra!

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Monday, November 28, 2011

Look of the Day. Black & Beige

Good morning my dearest readers!
Do you remember my post a while ago about My Wanted Fall Outfit? I dug those items among the most coveted designers, like Chloe and Oscar de la Renta, but obviously those pieces I can't afford yet, so I came up with an alternative solution. Since the Carven skirt was my biggest craving, I decided to sew a replica of it based on what I saw on my computer screen, so I honestly never touched it. I had to design a pattern, I found a stunning piece of 100% wool suiting material right in my local fabric store, made it from scratch, and I had a lot of fun with it. Now I truly enjoy the final product and I hope you do too.
What do you think? Has it ever happened to you, when you found a great alternative to a closet craving?

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Sunday Designer Review. Alexander Arutyonov

Good evening my dearest readers!
As promised, every Sunday I am posting my new designer finds, a new name that is either waiting to be seen and heard or just entered an arena of rising stars. I find it fascinating  to report on upcoming talents, big and small, some of whom we have never imagined existed.
Today, I scavenged through the web and stumbled upon this Russian new designer Alexander Arutyonov, whose geometric approach (with Greek influences) and bold color blocking caught my eye at first glance. His simplicity is effortless and sleek sheer lines are weightless, so I bet these dresses are not only a fashion statement but also super comfy to wear. I just wish I could ditch my coat and slip on one of these and sail to an exotic island.
What are your thoughts of the season and what do you feel like wearing at the moment??

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Friday, November 25, 2011

Flashback #4. A Room with a View

June 2008. Week 3 in New York.
By now we have lived in the city of Big Apples for three weeks. Living at a hostel in Chelsea was becoming a hustle, as some homework required to be done “at home”, and our closet space that we shared was just out of the question. We had to change rooms about every two days, as their policy didn’t allow prolonged stays, but we managed, with our smiles and positive attitude, even though management was already stepping on our toes. We hadn’t enjoyed a private bathroom or homemade breakfast for weeks now, and constantly moving items from locker up the narrow stairs to room and back to locker had become a daily workout routine, so losing those plush love handles was quite effortless. The weather was getting hotter and hotter as the stench in rooms grew heavier and muskier and served as a ticking reminder that we were in desperate need of an apartment.
And I’ll be honest; we started searching all sources from day one of our arrival. We daily scavenged Craigslist, frantically emailing all possible and impossible leads, and nothing came our way. There were two scenarios: 1) people who posted ads about apartment/rooms but vanished without a trace and never responded, and 2) scammers who posted unbeatable deals and tried to steal from people right from computer screen. But I kept in mind my New York motto: Do not give up and fight for yourself. So, we fought and fought through the brush of cyber space, the jungle of subway crowds and endless stairs of buildings to find our very own temporary home.
And one day great deal of persistence paid off. We found a perfect two-bedroom apartment on a quiet tree-lined street near Prospect Park area of Brooklyn, with all kinds of amenities: furniture, book stuffed shelves, a kitchen and even unspeakable luxury for many locals, washer and dryer inside. We were on top of heaven, cloud nine, if you will. And I even got a room with a view. It was the first thing my eyes saw every morning right upon waking, which instantly reminded me of my urban transformation, I was thankful to be out of Chelsea and I knew I had to get a job to experience the city to its fullest. 

To Be Continued...
Photo is the property of DC2NYConfessions

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Thursday, November 24, 2011

Giving Thanks

If we look back few hundred years into American history, we will learn that as early as in 1621, Thanksgiving was first observed by the Pilgrims, some of the first English settlers arriving in America. They were giving Thanks to Native American Indian tribes who had not only taught them how to cultivate grain and catch eel but also donated food "to the fledgling colony during the first winter when supplies brought from England were insufficient".
Speaking of American Indians, I've been always fascinated with their culture, and specifically with Pow Wow festivals held nationwide. That's why I felt today was that special day to dedicate my post to them. We remember to give Thanks to these tribes for this holiday!
Happy Thanksgiving,everybody! I hope you enjoy your holiday!

Monday, November 21, 2011

Look of the Day. Leather & Flowers

Good afternoon, my superstar readers!
As you might have noticed earlier, I always try to incorporate my own designs in my Look of the Day photos.And this one I've been waiting to share with you. This skirt has been inspired by Alice+Olivia skirt that I saw in the store, and since I love sewing, I designed it and (almost) effortlessly put it together as my own statement fall piece. Especially, that while in New York, I sourced this great olive leather piece in my favorite store Global Leathers and the wool suiting fabric came from my job at a fashion house in NYC, originating from the finest mills in Turkey. So, with love from New York I'm sharing my looks with you all.

I hope you love it as much as I do!And I can't wait to hear from you! Thank you, thank you!!
Blouse: Bryan Bradley, Cardigan: Saks Fifth Avenue, Skirt: my design, Shoes: Nina NYC, Purse: Michael Kors, Frames: D&G, Watch: Michael Kors, Bracelet: gift from Europe

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Sunday Designer Review. Brood S/S 2012

Good evening, my superstar readers!
Welcome to the Sunday designer review post, where I'm going to feature rising stars of fashion design, that we might not have heard much about from the main stream yet. I believe those designers not only are impeccable talents and unheard before voices but also fantastic sources of inspiration and innovation.
Tonight, I'm writing about a mystical name Brood, which has produced already 3 seasons, but only now started getting the proper recognition from the A-listers of fashion. This Spring 2012 "Imaginarium of Balloons" collection is inspired by this "flying cluster balloon man" John Ninomiya. He has dreamed any kid's dream of a big balloon bouquet magically carrying one into the sky, and made the world proud by making it a reality. Also, I see elements of athletic gear in the collection, intertwined with weightless sheer layers and unusual functionality.
I thought this collection is definitely worth sharing with you all, so let me know, I'm waiting for feedback!!

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Friday, November 18, 2011

Flashback #3. Put to the Test.

June 2008. Week 1 in New York.
The most challenging part of “living” in a hostel and starting summer classes at FIT was a sense of perpetual uncertainty and confusion.
We all know: New York is a tough city. It grabs many newcomers by the throat upon arrival but then, after some blood, sweat and tears, one might get lucky to experience the city’s mellow side…
Starting at FIT (a.k.a. Failure Isn’t Tolerable) was not a piece of cake as we thought. Like normal guest students, we had pre-registered for courses ahead of time, planning it well. At least, we thought so.
It’s the first day of classes. We (and few other people from out-of-town) were greeted with a surprise test on industrial sewing machines by a cruel female professor, to check our sewing skills. We knew how to sew. Yet, panic set in among us, as I noticed some people had not seen industrial machines their entire creative lives, and I saw fear creeping up in their eyes. And to our utter astonishment, we all failed, no kidding. Gosh, people just like us came from Georgia and other states of middle America for the summer, just to be rejected. But, there’s one thing I learned very quickly: Do not give up and fight for yourself! Welcome to the jungle! We were told, the only option possible was to switch the class that we already failed (LOL) to an alternative certificate course, oh well, but there was only one seat left. My fast friend rushed with a speed of light to register, and succeeded and I almost fell off the boat with all others. I was on the verge of nerve-racking-panic-mode.
It’s the second day of classes. My time is running out. I’m still floating in the ocean of seeming failure, or else, my graduation would be postponed another year. “A whole year!”- that mere thought was consuming me from inside. So I decided to try the very last chance to leap back on the ship: to utilize my very best charm and try to persuade the teacher of certificate course to make an exception and let me into the class,  and override the number of seats.  As soon as I saw a sweet, nearly seventy-year old lady, well-dressed and glasses hanging on her nose, I knew I had a slight chance. My whole body shivered, I was just hoping it wouldn’t hurt the elderly woman to do some extra paperwork to fulfill a favor for an out-of-town stranger. My chance felt like a lottery.  And, oh heaven, she agreed! I was so overwhelmed, I wanted to jump and cry, as this charming grandma had no idea she had saved me a big year of headaches.
After all that stress, the hostel screeching bunk bed felt like BeautyRest mattress and I just fell into a dreamless blackout. One thing was still unsolved: our apartment…  

  To Be Continued...
Photo courtesy from here 
FIT logo is official logo from here 
Message: my own 
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Thursday, November 17, 2011

Hair Tie-Dye

My favorite salon Vidal Sassoon launches new collections every season, just like any designer in fashion. Fall/Winter 2011 features unique color effects, like tie-dye. Who would have thought textile effects transformed into hair design?

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