Friday, August 28, 2015

Fabric Project Inspiration. Black Floral Print

It's been some time since I posted my "Fabric Project". Over the years it became an outlet for self expression, design creativity and inspiration. But it hasn't been forgotten especially since I look back to Look of the Day posts and rows of unique outfits in my closet. Since I had a baby things have shifted dramatically. If I said before that I didn't have enough time, now I really fall short. But I try to stay positive and find time, even if there's none. I'm inspired by many successful fashion bloggers who manage to jiggle motherhood and full time blogging. I promise I will start blogging more and won't give up.
Now, let's talk about my current fashion obsession. Fall is coming our way soon, so I started noticing many designers go back to a so called "country chic" style, particularly Black Floral Prints. I found a few dresses that look both chic and feminine. And luckily, I dug up a fabric that was given to me by a friend that has the same pattern. For years it sat in my studio, waiting for its fashion moment. And now the time has come. So, here's my inspiration board. These prices really amaze, but I feel lucky to make a dress at the fraction of the cost.

Dress design coming up next.
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