Sunday, December 11, 2011

Gift Guide 2011. Handcrafted Culture below $150

Good afternoon, my style-savvy readers!
The Gift Guide theme is continued as DC2NY prepares for the upcoming gift-exchanging frenzy. Clocks are ticking fast and it's 14 days til Christmas! Hope you all are finishing up with gift-stocking this season, and if not I have some ideas for you. Since I'm a big fan of anything handmade, crafted and obviously unique, this gift guide is all about the one-of-a-kind-approach to gift giving. It makes us that more special to our loved ones for picking the most extraordinary and unusual items.

1. WeWood all Natural chemical free Watch $139; 2.Funky Fuchsia Pink Clutch $68; 3.KristaR Vintage-inspired Pin $74; 4. Curvy Vase with purple Accent $68; 5. Felted Silk Scarf  $45; 6.Soy Candle White Tea and Ginger $26; 7. Chic Square Golden Earrings  $44; 8.PGS Natural Vegan Cleansing Mud  $21; 9. Ceramic Bird Christmas Ornament $17ea.
So, what do you think? Have you ever had any handcrafted gift ideas for your special someone? Can't wait for your feedback!
Have a pleasant Sunday!


Skinny Moonstick said...

These gift samples are fantastic!!! I am a fan of anything vegan, so the cleansing mud is a must for me! I really like the pink purse and the silk scarf, OMG, I am envisioning how I would style it... :) Perfect gift guide, sweetie!
Good luck!

Anonymous said...

Number 1, please. :)

Anonymous said...

Хороший вкус!

HopeO said...

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