Thursday, November 17, 2011

"In Time" for Great Fashion (My Version)

Dear friends!
Do you remember my recent post about "In Time" movie that so inspired me?
Well, I promised that my own rendering is coming up, and after some hard creative work, I've finished my piece.
The costumes from this movie have blown me away, so now I present to you my version of the costumes for the main character (let's pretend Miss Maria is in charge of designing for Hollywood :) )
All images are inspired and designed by DC2NYConfessions, Logo is borrowed from here
Can't wait to hear your feedback!!


Unknown said...

Wow you drew these? They're amazing, you're so talented! I love your take on the costumes :).


DC2NYCo said...

Yes,all work is mine. Thank you,I'm so happy to hear great feedback.Thank you!

Skinny Moonstick said...

You are such a talented illustrator, Miss Maria! I look at your drawings, and I'm totally associating it with the movie, with the whole feel and vibe the outfits represented there! Fantastic job!
Good luck!

Kassi said...

I love all of the looks. I find the one with the jacket to be very me - so naturally it is my favorite :) Great work :)

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