Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Flashback #1

April 2008. I was into my third year at my university in Arlington,VA. It was quite a journey, I should say, swallowing every project like a starving shark, chewing design books and spitting out marvelous (and sometime freaky) garments. Like many average students,I worked full-time and studied 3/4 time,(although, my school was more of an exception to this rule due to its "private" status). The focus of my third year was advanced garment construction and tailoring, which I must admit, was a piece of cake with my prior experience with factory-grade sewing at the age of 14.That year I was obsessed with bright colors and funky textures, and odd combinations. So, one of my wild projects is still remembered (even by some professors who I meet years later). I cherish this jacket made with 100% cotton velvet and 100% silk lining, but couldn't wear now. Hope I can auction it off some day-See below.
To be Continued...

1 comment:

Skinny Moonstick said...

Love the story! It is a tough business, but you're gonna make it! I'm convinced just by looking at your designed jacket! ;)
Skinny hugs!

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