Thursday, November 3, 2011

Unconventional Wildfire

National Ranching Centre. Lubbock, Texas.
"Making three dimensional sculptural works from hundreds of thousands of individual crayons,
American artist herb williams is one of the few individuals who has an account with crayola.
he orders each color of crayon necessary for a piece, all individually packed (3000 to a case).
Williams is interested in identifying objects that society perceives to associate with one role,
and reintroduces them into different subtexts. the five free standing sculptures which are meant to emulate
fires and flames - reminiscent of a wildfire. they have been created to raise awareness of wildfires in an area that has been severely affected by drought, each of the pieces is composed of crayola crayons. because of their wax content, they begin to melt and change shape in the unpredictable outdoor conditions in which they stand."
Woooow!! I'm such a texture fanatic, so when I saw this, it instantly hit me: unconventionalism in modern art is already affecting fashion as well. Great inspiration for a dress!
via DesignBoom

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