Thursday, November 24, 2011

Giving Thanks

If we look back few hundred years into American history, we will learn that as early as in 1621, Thanksgiving was first observed by the Pilgrims, some of the first English settlers arriving in America. They were giving Thanks to Native American Indian tribes who had not only taught them how to cultivate grain and catch eel but also donated food "to the fledgling colony during the first winter when supplies brought from England were insufficient".
Speaking of American Indians, I've been always fascinated with their culture, and specifically with Pow Wow festivals held nationwide. That's why I felt today was that special day to dedicate my post to them. We remember to give Thanks to these tribes for this holiday!
Happy Thanksgiving,everybody! I hope you enjoy your holiday!

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Skinny Moonstick said...

That's a beautiful post, dear! It is so important to remember why we're here today celebrating Thanks Giving. Thank you for dedicating this to native American Indians. Their culture is a tremendous treasure. Have a blessed and peaceful day!
Good luck!

lapetiteblonde said...

amazing pictures!!

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