Wednesday, November 30, 2011

DIY Bib Necklace

Good evening, my style-savvy readers!
Tonight I'm especially excited as it's my very first DIY day for this blog!!
Frankly, I've been addicted to DIY for a while now, taking in account my creativity and crafty nature. So, making something myself always makes that item extra special!
And I'll tell you my little secret that I'm totally obsessed with statement jewelry. It's like wearing a piece of art!
So, I recently discovered this piece by Joomi Lim, and I immediately rolled my sleeves for some exciting work!
Original Joomi Lim Fringe Necklace $408
 Now, here's my input into an inspired piece.
You will need:
1. 2 pieces of contrast fringe, different length (about 3/8 of yard)
2.Ribbon 1/2" width (matching or contrast)
3.Several bead strings (I used 3 different, very sparkly resembling Swarowski)
5.Jewelry maker's stretching clear plastic cord
6.Glue Gun.

 Step 1. Attach two pieces of fringe at the edge with hot glue.

 Step 2. Cut two pieces of ribbon (about 1 ft long).  Attach to each side of  fringe using glue gun. Make sure it's secured properly. See photo.

 Step 3. Now, start attaching the first string of beads to the top edge using stretching jewelry cord, and tie knots at the back. Clip the excess. To make sure beads lay in the desired direction, you can secure strings with regular thread and needle.

 Step 4. Then repeat Step 3. with the rest of strings until they all lay nice and flat. Now, tie your bib and your very own piece is ready to wear!!
 Step 5. Make sure to wear your piece with pride and smile, and stay tuned for more exciting projects!

What do you think? I hope I inspired some of you into handmade culture and unique attitude!!
This DIY project was produced  in its entirety by DC2NYConfessions and all photos were taken by DC2NYConfessions as well.


Skinny Moonstick said...

Alright, you have officially blown my mind away! This DIY project is incredible! That's what I'm calling a statement piece! Hands down the best I've seen!
Good luck, dear!

Anonymous said...

Очень красивые рождественские композиции. Порой, чтобы создать хорошее настроение нужно немного времени и желания. И просто великолепный пример как создать красоту своими руками. Отличный модный аксесуар. Обязательно воспользуюсь идеей! Спасибо.

Foxinflora said...

Really great Diy, I must try it, love fringe details!

The Fashist said...

First off, I'm gawking at the original price of the Joomie Lim!

And second, your version is about five times better. Much more wearable and less tacky looking.

So glad to have come across your blog. I'm a follower :)


Natalia said...

Wow, what a great piece! I also saw the one you've made for Skinny Moonstick, it very beautiful, too! I will definitely keep this idea in mind for myself, too :)

HopeO said...

That is truly an amazing necklace you have crafted. If you are looking for arts and craft kits to make amazing DIY, you can check out some amazing Art and Craft Supplies.

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