Tuesday, April 24, 2012

DIY Erickson Beamon Inspired Collar Necklace

Recently I started noticing many collar necklaces around the web and street-style among New York City fashionistas and beyond. The new trend is picking up speed really fast, so let's stay connected with current fashion accessories.
Tonight I'll show you a simple tutorial how to make a statement collar necklace for yourself inspired by Erickson Beamon's version. Of course, I added my own little twist to the design.

Erickson Beamon collar necklace $2430 via Moda Operandi

You will need:
1. Cotton Collar (cut off from an unwanted shirt; in your favorite color)
2. 2 packages of beads (I used tube and pearl-like type) similar here
3. Bobbin of regular sewing thread
4. Beading Needle
5. Scissors
Also, you will need a "fancy" button, something like a rhinestone or crystal button.
Step 1.
Start at the corner tip of the collar. Start attaching tube beads diagonally one by one in a row from bottom to top.

Step 2.
Complete the first row of tube beads as shown on the picture. Make sure beads are close to each other for a dramatic effect.

Step 3.
 Start attaching round beads in a row. Make two rows and be sure the beads are positioned close to each other.

Step 4.
 Repeat Steps 1-3 until the desired pattern is created. Repeat the same procedure for the other side, making sure the pattern is symmetrical. Attach the button to collar for dramatic look.
Now, your own collar necklace is finished and ready to be worn.

First image via Moda Operandi
Rest of images DC2NYConfessions


Anonymous said...

Wow hun you did a stellar job on this little umber. LOVE that you picked such a vibrant colour as yelolw and chose muted beads to go with it. THat combo is killer ^_^

Eeli xo

Sophie said...

I adore the collar - great post!



Skinny Moonstick said...

Great DIY!!! Love the color and your twist on making this collar a very special and gorgeous statement piece! Looks really unique and trendy, like you bought it for a couple of hundreds of dollars! :)
Good luck!

Marcela Gmd said...

Wow great work!!! I love it!!
Besos, Marcela

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