Friday, April 6, 2012

Sin City Confessions


Happy Friday,friends!
This week DC2NYConfessions hit Sin City, the world's premier venue for entertainment and indulgences of all sorts. The themed resorts stun with their spectacular decorations. One of the resorts is adorned with fresh flowers, green ponds and giant butterflies to reflect a magical garden theme. Colossal waterfalls and spiraling branches of twine crawling along the wall offer a rainforest oasis within hot desert surroundings of the area. Window shopping in itself is an adventure!
Would you guess where I am??
All images DC2NYConfessions


Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness un. Arent these themes just so extravagant! I think it wouldve been amazing sight to see up close! And no, would have no clue as to guess where you are :P

Eeli xo

Collections said...

ummm those spike shoes are incredible. If only I could walk in heels that high.


Anonymous said...

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painter said...

Очень красивые фото!!! Удачные ракурсы и интересные сюжеты!!! Молодец!

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