Thursday, April 19, 2012

Boutiques on Wheels

While browsing through a fashion magazine, I came across an interesting article. 
"Boutiques on Wheels" it was called.
  Are you familiar with the food-truck craze that took over USA and possibly beyond? Guess what, fashion peddlers are now following suit, offering unique collections curated with a very specific point of view--on a street corner near you.

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Le Fashion truck based in Los Angeles, CA is the 1st  boutique on wheels. It features amazing vintage jewelry in addition to showcasing local designers.Two friends started this innovative concept after trying to sell their own designs on craft shows and farmer's markets. Now they have a fashion truck which travels to your street corner and opens up a walk-in dream closet on wheels. 

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The Styleliner based in Palm Springs, CA--a mobile shopping destination that's worth keeping on your radar. Joey Wolffer, the creative mind behind the idea of a pop up boutique on wheels by refurbishing a twenty-foot potato chip truck and filling it to the brim with extraordinary accessories. This unique mobile shopping experience offers global finds that Joey personally discovers and hand picks throughout her world travels. And yay, it will hit DC in May/June 2012. I surely will attend.
Could Fashion trucks become the next big shopping trend??
What do you think of the idea?
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Elle Sees said...

i wanna find a fashion truck! how cute.

monica said...

mobile shopping - way too cute

Поклонник said...

Очень интересная идея!!!

Unknown said...

such a lovely idea. never heard of it before :) But I think they will have many things not in stock, which I would like. i mean a bus is not very big :/ but for really small botiques it would be great :)
in btw i think your blog is very nice and I started to follow you, dear :) feel free to check out mine as well :))


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