Thursday, November 6, 2014

Fabric Project No.14 "Chevron Cape"

It's been a while since I visited my studio for a sewing project, as recent months were filled with lots of activities outside the blog. This summer I purchased a gorgeous wool chevron fabric in heather and charcoal tones as I anticipated to start exploring the outerwear in my Fabric Project series. Initially, the idea was to design a coat, but I always dreamed of a cape. A cape undoubtedly makes a statement, worn historically by leaders of revolution and free spirit. When I saw the design below by Valentino in exact same fabric, and the four-digit price, I nearly fell from my chair. I thought "This is it! I'm making a cape!"
So, wish me luck, as I'm a little nervous sewing outerwear, but I'll do my best and "Look of the Day" post will follow shortly.

This is the inspiration:

Images via Net-a-Porter

Illustration by DC2NYCo

Stay tuned for a completed cape!

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