Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Spooky Halloween

This pre-Halloween has been really spooky with winds gushing through my window, trees fiercely dancing hip hop and my house shaking and squealing as the dark monster "Frankenstorm" was creeping in.
As hiding indoors was inevitable, we lit up bleeding candles and made the event as romantic as possible with a cocktail's help. Mixology has been my hidden hobby, so when I'm away from Windows screen, I'm creating strange mixtures out of unique ingredients, yet I give my highest respects to liquor by tasting only small doses.
I found this creepy recipe called "Catacombs of Paris"  and felt the concoction fit the theme perfectly.
I had another fantastic reason to raise a glass today, and it's my Blogaversary! My baby project turned 1 year today,  and I almost feel guilty for not buying the cake.

Cheers to Halloween and DC2NYCo!

1 comment:

Художник said...

Поздравляем!!! Очень хороший проект!!! Молодец!!! Интересные материалы, фото, классные работы, сделанные своими руками. Блог вызывает только позитивные эмоции!!! Это здорово!!!

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