Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Fabric Haul. Fall 2012 edition

It's that time of year when air is filled with chill and trees dress up in bright hues of red, orange and yellow, to impress one last time before falling into winter hibernation. 
Cold really showed itself last weekend, and I really felt it on Sunday when I walked out bare legged and short-sleeved. Oh fall, let's welcome you once again!
It was a perfect opportunity to go fall fabric shopping, as my closet craves all the fun pieces I've seen on runways the past season. And, what could be better for fabric shopping than NYC Garment district.
It was a sunny warm day, perfect to hop in and out of stores in search of that perfect wool or tweed (or trim). I decided to go with earthy palette, with a splash of fun prints here and there.

So, here's what I scored for my next #fabricproject:

I found really unique trim pieces:
black lace, fur trimmed leather, flower applique, fringe, Chinese braid, and golden elastic

What have you scored for the cold season?
I hope you can boast some exciting finds just like me.
All images by DC2NYConfessions


Rowena @ rolala loves said...

I love the trims. Bet you already have some great plans for your haul :)

Rowena @ rolala loves

Anonymous said...

Женственные,красивые материалы для настоящих и великолепных нарядов!!!

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