Tuesday, March 27, 2012

DIY Noir Neon Cuff Bracelet

This spring is all about Neon!
Smart accessorizing for the warmer weather has never been so much fun.
Today I'll show you a tutorial of Noir inspired Neon Cuff Bracelet, which I thought was right on the trend of sporty chic and elegance.
You will need:
1. Polished Brass Cuff (similar here)
2. Colored rhinestones with flat back (available at Michael's)
3. Neon Utility rope (aka Mason Line) 1/8" wide (available at hardware stores)
4. Couple of toothpicks
5. E-6000 glue
Also, you will need scissors and a lighter.

Step 1.
Tie a knot at the base of the cuff (make sure it's tight), and start wrapping the rope onto the cuff in several layers. I did three layers overlapping each other. Make you keep wrapping the rope very tight.

Step 2.
 Once the base is finished, cut the rope and use lighter to seal the edge. On the inside start pulling the rope's edge diagonally through the layers until the edge is completely hidden. Use a dab of E-6000 to seal.
Step 3. 
Open E-6000 glue and using small batches (as it dries quickly) apply on the bottom of first rhinestone with a toothpick. Attach to the center of cuff. Make sure you're in well ventilated area as the E-6000 fumes are toxic. Repeat steps until a desired pattern is created. Allow to dry for 1 hr. 
And whoa-la, your very own spring accessory is finished.
Step 4.
Enjoy wearing your funky cuff!

First image via here
All other images DC2NYConfessions
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Style Servings said...

Woooooow this is absolutely amaaazing!! Love it!

Kultur und Stil said...

wow a wonderful idea, i love it!

xxx Anita

monica said...

Amazing DIY

It looks really good

Sam said...

This is such a brilliant DIY, very trendy and creative, the end results are fantastic!

Dee {Strings and Buttons} said...

This is amazing. So simple and chic! Love it! x

Anonymous said...

Wow you've done a fab job on this DIY hun. There is a slight sporty edge to it which I like ^_^

Eeli xo

MosaMuse said...

AMAZING DIY!! nice blog :)


devorelebeaumonstre. said...

great diy!

devorelebeaumonstre.com xx

Sophie said...

Such a great bracelet! Perfect for s/s!





Unknown said...

interestin' bracelet and the color's very trendy in this season;) Positiv, well done!



Mimi said...

this is really cool and so pretty! i admire people who have the talent to make amazing diy projects. :)

<3, Mimi
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Skinny Moonstick said...

You did, once again, an amazing DIY project! The cuff bracelet is absolutely beautiful! Love the neon detail!
I seriously need it, so I'm heading over your giveaway, so I hope I win!!
Good luck!



Lovely bracelet and very easy DIY !!! I will try it !! Thanks!!!

Test said...

what an amazing idea... Happy weekend!

Petite Beauté said...

Very very cool! I'll try to do this.
I'm your new follower, if you want, follow me, my blog is: http://petitebeautepb.blogspot.com.br/

Audrey Allure said...

Such a cute cuff!

Johanna said...

That cuff is amazing and I love the DIY! That will brighten up any outfit!!

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