Sunday, March 25, 2012

Spring Radar. Trending Color

I was flipping the online pages of InStyle magazine and I made a curious discovery.
I've spotted an interesting visual article about freshest color combos for the Spring 2012 season!
This season is all about brights and clever mixing them together.
So, here are a few examples:

Pink & Green

Blue & Neon Peach

Coral & Emerald

Navy & Tangerine
Fuchsia & Turquoise
I'm personally excited about all these combinations of color and would wear them with equal confidence.
Which combo is your favorite? 
Images via InStyle 

P.S. I recently joined Pinterest. You can now see more of my unique finds there:


Skinny Moonstick said...

Amazing color-blocking ideas! I already loved the pink&blue combo, and all the other color combos definitely give me many spring styling ideas :)
Good luck!

Diva In Me said...

I kinda had almost all the colors here. I really love this season's colors. They're great!

Thanks for visiting my blog =)

tike mik said...

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