Sunday, January 29, 2012

Sunday Designer Review. Rebekka Ruetz

I've seen and heard the buzz over Berlin Fall/Winter 2012 Fashion Week , which just wrapped up last week.
I'm always curious to discover new designers and while browsing through endless name list, I stumbled upon Rebekka Ruetz!
Her F/W 2012 collection has attracted my eye with its fluidity, visible comfort and feminine approach.
In 2009 Rebekka Ruétz founded her own fashion label and now meets the world of fashion design with an incomparable point of view: on the inside of the designers clothing a hidden treasure awaits the wearer. She uses her knowledge in the field of systemic constellation and her education to influence her work. The strategically positioned chakra flock prints are said to positively stimulate the energy centers (chakras in Sanskrit) within the wearer’s body. Note,that chakra is not visible yet present in each look below. This unique concept appeals to the requirements of an open generation who wants to be moved beyond the obvious and visible.

Images and partial text via here
Image editing by DC2NYConfessions


StylishByNature said...

Thanx for following...Following back :)...However I am unable to see you under my GFC list :(


TheSimplestTastes said...

Thank you very much for your comment and for following! I find your blog very interesting, keep up the good work!

почитатель said...

Ну,что же хорошие модели. Демократичный цвет и хорошие пропорции.Понравилось!

Skinny Moonstick said...

Look at these gorgeous pastels, monochrome tones, and breezy designs! This is an absolute ready to wear, so classy yet simple! Once again, thanks for introducing this amazing new designer! I wonder how and where these chakras are incorporated... hmmm... :)
Good luck!

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