Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Modern Alchemy by TokyoMilk

Good evening, loves!
Tonight is the second post in the "Perfume Series".
On my countless trips to fragrance shops tracking perfumania, I've noticed some important changes in the perfume industry. Manufactures are really embracing the vintage approach to packaging and even composition of scents, often using unexpected ingredients in modern incense concoctions. It almost appears as if the industry is switching back to its old-fashioned roots, when perfume was very personal and unique, often in the dry form.
Many companies are reintroducing the forgotten aromas as well as the packaging, so I recently discovered TokyoMilk brand, which specializes on the "old vs. new" method to impress customers.
"The alchemy of allure. Botanical extracts unearthed, crushed then distilled into this remarkably uncommon sensory experience. Glide across pulse points and envelop your senses in lush aroma. A fragrant temptation." is their statement.
These perfumes are made in a dry roller form.
Chance No. 18  Fragrance Notes - Bamboo, Tea Leaves, Fresh Fig, White Musk
Destiny No. 79 Fragrance Notes - Fresh Cut Ginger, Honeysuckle, Davana, Midnight Jasmine
Tomorrow No.68 Fragrance Notes- Mineral Salt, Marine, Cypress, White Moss
Yesterday No.21 Fragrance Notes - Asuka Rose, Linden, Ginger Root, Aged Wood
Wisdom No. 26 Fragrance Notes - Water Lily, Woods + Moss, Walnut, Winter Musk
Truth No. 85 Fragrance Notes - Blood Orange, Osmanthus, Crushed Cedar, Sugared Vanilla

These fragrances are available here for $24 each
What do you think of this trend?

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Skinny Moonstick said...

You're amazing on finding these incredible new exciting things! I have also noticed that all good old things and techniques are making a major comeback. I guess we're realizing that everything wonderful has already been discovered and created :) From these selection, Chance Nr.18 sounds (smells) more like me :) I wonder how they make a dry form of parfum...
Good luck!


I love the packaging !

Kia Gomez said...

Hey !
I love this trend ! The packaging is really important for me 'cause I like to decorate my nightstand with my fragrances :)


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