Thursday, May 28, 2015

DIY Jeweled Sandals

Summer is here. I've been a great fan of bling and also in love with Loeffler Randall brand and their bold shoe designs but obviously their prices are too high for my budget. Naturally, I got inspired to diy it at the fraction of the cost (entire project cost me under $50 including the shoes). I recently bought a pair of tan sandals and I thought they would pop with a splash of colored jewels. So, here we go...

You will need:
-Tan leather sandals (similar here)
-Acrylic cabochons with prongs in black and white (or your desired color) (similar here)
-E-6000 adhesive
-toothpick or matchstick for gluing

Step 1.
Begin gluing cabochons from the center of each sandal as shown.

Step 2.
Continue gluing, attaching each cabochon in desired pattern.

Step 3.
Finish attaching all the cabochons. Let dry for 8 hrs.

First image via here, the rest by DC2NYCo

1 comment:

HopeO said...

Such a nice shoe you have designed. The Design on it looks so elegant. If you are interested in crafting you can buy some of the best art kits from here.

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