Sunday, March 16, 2014

Beach Mode

As the winter is stubbornly holding its grip on the East Coast with more snow predictions on the way, the calender firmly reads "March", hence the beginning of spring. Many people I know already dream about sun, white powdery sand and turquoise waters in a touristy island, or some kind of tropical paradise. So the message is clear-- the Beach Mode is upon us.
Somewhere far away, in Western Australia, a typical beach scenery has been (so to speak) "embellished" by the 10th Annual Exhibition of Modern Sculpture. To me this is absolutely stunning what the artists from around the world have laid out among sand and palm trees, utilizing the beach scene as the medium for placing objects against surface. Looking at them transforms my reality into a true Beach Mode.

Images via here and here

1 comment:

Nadja-art said...

Оригинальные инсталляции! Своевременное напоминание. Скоро лето!!! Молодец, что нашла такой яркий материал.

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