Wednesday, January 23, 2013

DIY Utility Bracelet

Recently, I discovered a wonderful "utilitarian" jewelry line that inspired me into creative handcrafting again, to embellish  those wrists, hiding among layers of coats and sweaters. A true eye candy under an inconspicuous name "Ropes of Maine"  gained exposure among celebrities and power-bloggers alike for its bright shades and bold design.
Photo Courtesy "Ropes of Maine"
I thought I would create a bright bracelet and sport it this cold winter and let the spring mood reign in my accessories.
You will need:
1.Tailor's scissors
2.Embroidery Floss
3.1ft Paracord (similar here)
4.20mm chunky jump ring (similar here)
5. Gold  lobster swivels (similar here)
7.Sewing needle

Step 1. Cut paracord into 2 strips approx. 6.5" long. Burn edges to prevent fraying.

Step 2.
Pass paracord pieces through the hardware.

Tie a tight knot using floss on both paracord pieces about 0.5" above the edge. 
Step 4.
Start wrapping the floss around both pieces of paracord, overlapping edges and make sure they connect. 
Step 5.
Finally, secure the floss by pulling the needle through the wrapped section twice and cut the tail. 
All images except 1st by DC2NYCo


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Such a pretty looking bracelet it is. Making DIY craft is such an amazing thing to do. Wearing something that is made by you makes you feel more elevated. You can check this page for any craft kit wholesale or some of the best art kits.

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