Friday, December 28, 2012

DIY Holiday Coasters

This year is coming to its logical end, and we are all looking forward to new adventures of 2013.
New Years Eve is only a couple of days away, so it's time to stock up on bubbly and sparkly beverages as well as fancy flutes. Holiday entertaining has always meant something special for me, and since I'll be sharing a toast with guests, I want it to look festive yet modern and sophisticated. I want to share this simple project that will wow your guests and make you a great host{ess}.

  You will need:
1.Wooden Disks 4"x1/8" (available here)
2.Alcohol Ink in Snow White (available at Michaels)
3.Alcohol Ink Applicator (available at Michaels)
4.Martha Stewart High-Gloss Paint in bright red
5.Sponge Brush or Regular Brush
6.Woodblock Rubberstamp (with Lace pattern)
7.Plastic cup
8.Clear Glaze by Krylon

Start painting both sides of wooden disks using your favorite brush. After all, I used my all-purpose regular brush. Apply several coats if necessary. Let dry at least 1 hour.
Once the disks are dry, it's time to put rubber-stamp to work! Apply a generous layer of ink onto applicator.
Tap the inked applicator on the rubber-stamp. Make sure it's coated well.
Align the disk on top of the rubber-stamp, making sure all edges are even.
Press firmly for a few seconds.You can turn it upside down and press again.  Quickly repeat several times. Make sure not to overdo it, as surfaces can stick together and smear the pattern.
Once your pattern is complete, let dry for 30 minutes. Now apply a coat of Clear Glaze (it's best to do it outside as fumes are very strong) and let dry for 24 hours before use to avoid fingerprints.
Wha-la, your Holiday  coasters are ready to enjoy!
All images by DC2NYCo


Anonymous said...

Нужные,красивые и очень теплые(потому, что сделанные своими руками) бытовые штучки!!!

HopeO said...

Such an amazing craft for Christmas you have made. Here you can check out some of the best craft kit to make amazing crafts and DIY with your family members, especially kids.

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