Thursday, September 27, 2012

DIY Lizzie Fortunato inspired Necklace

Dear Readers,
Today's DIY project is inspired by one of my favorite jewelry creators, Lizzie Fortunato. What particularly attracted my attention in her designs is fusion of curated objects around the world with fashion forward experimentation. As a result, we see innovative statement pieces and the envy of every fashionista.
For this project I also used reclaimed and even some old jewelry I haven't worn for years.
I bought two necklaces from H&M and dug out an old pearl necklace that was dusting away in my jewelry box. And of course, it couldn't go without a DC2NYCo twist...
Here's how:
1. Flat-nose pliers
2. Sewing needle
3.Gunmetal curb chain necklace ( from H&M) (similar here)
4. Rhinestone/Rose necklace from H&M
5. Old pearl necklace (similar here)
6.Two single floss packages (Lemon and Mocha) available at local craft store
Some extra black floss as well
7. Scissors

All images except 1st by DC2NYConfessions

1 comment:

Художник said...

Очень эффектная вещичка! Несмотря на образец, получилась вполне эксклюзивная модель.Молодец!!!

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