Sunday, June 17, 2012

Sunday Designer Review. Dion Lee

Hello and welcome to the anticipated monthly Sunday Designer Review Post.
I recently discovered this Australian designer through one of the shopping sites and was pleased with his innovative approach and attention to detail.
Resort 2013 particularly made a positive impression, with its athletic vibe and modernistic shapes.
Since Lee grew up in a country surrounded by ocean, his inspiration was probably drawn from there, or sports associated with water. Incorporating swimwear textiles like Lycra and laser-cut prints combined with intricate details made this collection a prized treasure among editors and buyers.

Images via here 
Editing by DC2NYConfessions


Diana Marks said...

спасибо что зашла ко мне! мне твой блог тоже нравится! мы можем по Bloglovin читать друг друга ;)
я на тебя уже подписалась и ты подписывайся ко мне ))

LA By Diana Live Magazine

Unknown said...

да, я люблю Resort 2013, хотя особо нового для себя не открыла))) спасибо за комментарии! очень приятно познакомиться!!! хх

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