Monday, October 31, 2011

Dear Readers! 

I'd like to welcome you all into my First blog ever, finally I did it!!
I  must say I've been reading fashion and lifestyle blogs for a while, and I was only recently gripped with desire to display my life to the world, as I believe my story is worth sharing. As a fashion grad from DC area and an up-and-coming designer I will be covering broad topics here. You will hear stories (in a form of flashbacks) of my journey making it in the industry in the toughest city in the world, style tips, my own designs  and yet an exploration of my hometown, DC emerging into a very trendy hotspot. (I guess we can partly thank Mrs.Obama for her sophisticated appeal)...I promise I won't mention politics here haha

Ok, everyone, please stay tuned as some exciting things are coming up here very very soon.

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